The Army of Light is an established guild for STAR WARS: The Old Republic. We are a social, Player-vs.-Environment (PvE), and Player-vs.Player (PvP) in-game.

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Respect and Maturity

Members and guests must have both. Always remember that you are in a guild that upholds the highest standards of personal ethics and honor. Members must be aware that their actions and words here and elsewhere reflect upon this guild family. Dishonesty, lack of integrity, and excessive immaturity will result in removal.



All guild chats and forums are expected to allow for a role-playing, character-driven experience that is fun and friendly. Growing and learning as individuals and as a guild are vital. Proper names and title usage when addressing each other is strongly encouraged to further the role-playing atmosphere and foster a more genuine Star Wars experience while here.


All avatars, names, language, and behavior should be at least mildly Star Wars based. Excessive non-role-play behaviors, anime usage, or usage from other mediums is to be limited if possible.


Think Before You Speak And Act

This is self-explanatory. Remember the Golden Rule.


No Imitations

Under no circumstances are members or guests permitted to imitate another person as this is dishonest, disrespectful, and is in violation of our policies regarding maturity and respect. Disguising oneself to hide a true identity is also not permitted.


No Spam

This includes excessive smileys, pictures, icons, links, or overlong broken up sentences or words.



The guild does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, orientation, belief, or real life affiliations. Insensitive remarks, comments, hate speech, slang, and behavior are strictly prohibited. Be aware that topics could be considered harmless while some could be offensive to others. Conversations regarding such topics as politics, religion, etc. must be taken to private message. The opinions of others are to be respected at all times except in cases where such opinions are in blatant violation of our no discrimination policy.



Be respectful of the position and hard work that the guild staff and the High Council have within the guild. Directions issued must be followed to maintain order and preserve the friendly environment we wish to have. Absence of this respect will lead to your absence in the chat and possibly the guild. If you should feel this trust is being abused by a superior, please report it to the Guild Master.



Regardless of class, higher ranked members are expected and encouraged to guide and assist the lower ranks. Respect and courtesy must be shown at all times, especially to the lesser experienced and/or newest members.


Cause No Harm

Plotting or spying against the guild in any way, shape, or form will result in banishment. Constant disruption, fighting, or causing others to not reasonably enjoy themselves is prohibited. Such members or guests will be made to leave. Individuals or groups seeking to harm the guild will be blacklisted. Members are not permitted to associate with such individuals or groups.



Important guild business is not to be discussed with non-members. Likewise, personal information concerning individuals is not to be discussed in public. This prohibits gossip, rumor-mongering, or other such harmful and immature behavior. Excessive ‘real life’ information is not to be shared in public as this can lead to drama, stress amongst other members, and harms the role-playing atmosphere.


Disciplinary Action

This authority is not to be abused. Only the Guild Master or the original banning administrator may override a ban put into place. Administrators are encouraged to issue a polite warning in public on first offense, and a more direct warning in private message if follow-up is necessary.



Members and guests are encouraged to resolve any issue in private messaging, not in public. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, please involve an administrator. We are here to foster an environment of harmony and order.


In addition:
-Using exploits to obtain gear or advantages otherwise unobtainable will result in immediate removal from the guild.
-Members will follow the Terms of Service and rules of the game.
Thank you.


Ludwig VanCover



Anna Mistwalker

Assistant Guildmaster



Jaedon Phoenix

Tal Core Starknite









Teamspeak Information

Server Address:

Server Password: armyspeak


The foundation began to fall into place in late January of 2010. Dissatisfied with poor leadership and environments lacking in both maturity and dedication, Master Jephos Mispir struck out to see where the Force would lead him. He began to understand the fundamental flaw within the Republic – the allowance and even welcoming of Imperials and practitioners of the Dark Side, as well as the low character and integrity of many Republic citizens. People had become too casual with their affiliations and their own personal codes of behavior. Therefore, he began gathering others to help in creating a new Republic stronghold, free of the corruption and impurities that plagued so many others. Together they laid out the framework for what would ultimately become the guild, and shortly thereafter The Army of Light was officially established on February 22, 2010.


Guild Skype Information

General Guild Chat*:

Contact Officer/GM*:

Skype allows members of the community to stay in contact with one another while playing different games. We have taken advantage of Skype's group chat features to allow for unlimited and free text-based communications between guild members.

Please note that the Skype Chat rooms are moderated.

* Click to reveal the Skype Chat join links; Copy the link(s) and open in your browser. If you do not have Skype installed, you will be asked to create an account and install the software